You can run, but you cannot hide…

How easy it may be to find your brand of choice.

The first thing many people do when they want to know more about brands and/or products is go to Levi’s has two different ways to find out more about them. If you would like to know something about the brand and the company, look up ‘Levi’s Strauss &co’. However, if you would like to know more about the clothes, shops and social media use, just type in ‘Levi’s’. In both cases the first SEA will show the official website of Levi’s. In my opinion, either way Levi’s has great findability.

There is the Levi’s app, for android phones only in Spanish, which is a good way to see if they have something in store, before you have to go there. For iPhones however, you can get the English version. You can look up gifts, clothes etc. for him , her and children. You can straight away buy it via the app. In my opinion this is really nice, to make it even easier. No need to go to the store anymore, no laptop necessary, with an tablet or phone you can buy it all.

Facebook is a good medium for Levi’s, they have over 16 million likes and over 130,000 people who are talking about Levi’s. They use instagram, post videos, links to their own official website and sub brands and show in subtle ways their corporate social responsibility.  Events, sales and discounts for a certain period are promoted.

On YouTube you can find commercials and the official video website of Levi’s where you can scroll through all sorts of videos. And of course some videos of people doing stunts with the Levi’s jeans. However, the videos are over 4 years old on YouTube. The official video website is good up to date. Next to that, if you look up Levi’s Strauss & co, there are about 12,000 videos on the company and their efforts.


Levi’s is a calm brand, there is not a lot of fuzz about it. They do what they like, they promote a lot for themselves, but also aware of their corporate social responsibility. I found very little remarks or comments on the brand or the products, which shows me that they are doing a great job towards their audience, there is no ‘I hate Levi’s’ Facebook page, which happens a lot these days.

They made good use of the way they post their products and information about the company. If I would be looking for jeans or another product I would most likely use the keyword ‘Levi’s’. When I want to know more about the company, I would use their official name ‘Levi’s Strauss & co. I like that they make a difference in this, it is a very smart way to make a distinction on how people look for their products and company.



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