We believe in friendship!

How one group of friends creates a tribute to their friendship.

Creating a viral video and post it on YouTube, sounds easy enough. However, we created a libdub video with seven of our friends, that did cause some difficulties. First we all sat down together to brainstorm about the topic, song, script and what our message should be. Everybody had several great ideas, several songs to pick from and different opinions on how to execute it all. We quickly decided that a libdub video is the way to go, but what should be the song?! After discussing this for a while, we came to the same conclusion quickly, which is the song “I’m a believer” by Smash Mouth.

Then we started creating a script, who does what and how we portray the song in a video. That brought along some issues, we needed a lot of attributes to portray the song. A small list of this were for example, a magnifying glass, a big hart, a saw, fake blood, fairy wings, fairy dust, water, sheets and so on. After thinking of nice ideas how to show everything, we started deciding who would do what, so we listened to the song over and over again. Seemed easy enough, we were on a roll.

Than we got to the hard part, filming it. In our opinion it would have been good to film it in the street, however, in winter, we didn’t have enough daylight to actually shoot the video. Therefore, we thought of different locations, but our school was the best, with the narrow hallways, we were able to pop in and out from different class rooms. We practiced for about an hour, the first verse, the chorus another verse and a nice ending chorus. It all looked good, everyone knew what to do….However, the actual filming showed that we weren’t quite done practicing yet.

Over and over and over and over…….the end conclusion was that all videos had something good, but definitely something going wrong in them. Therefore, we edited all videos and created a wonderful libdub in the end.This is the end result, it may not look too professional, it was definitely a great way to finish our last half year of school together. After editing we posted the video on YouTube for all of you to have a look. My advice is if you want to have a bonding experience with your friends, make a video together! It will make sure you have hours of bonding time.

We are a group of international friends, who are now going off to work, study abroad and work abroad.  However, we ‘believe’ in that we will stay friends in the future, even though it is quite unsure who will be doing what or going where….We will always have this viral video to remind us that we are great friends.




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