Easy as that!

How to quickly use google adwords to promote.

Nowadays it is possible to promote anything you want. In previous blogs I looked at findability for a specific audience, how to use monitoring tools and now I will try to promote my blog on google adwords. First, I had a look at this video to see how to do this. Than just go to this website, use your google account and start your first campaign! How hard can this be?! It is quite self-explanatory. 

Without a specific product or service to sell it is quite difficult to start google adwords. I decided to promote my blogs on wordpress, to gain more awareness and to gain more traffic towards my blogs. However, since I do not want everyone to go there, I stopped before I had to start paying.

The setup of google adwords is fairly easy, just type in the market you want to reach and start creating your adds. Within half an hour you can be done and you can already see how many clicks you may receive on a daily basis. I set google adwords to automatic bidding, to gain as many clicks as possible.

Google adwords makes you think about your product more than you already have done maybe. So if you just start and you are not quite sure what you should write, it may take a bit longer. What are your unique selling points? What makes you stand out from the competition? And in my case why would people start reading my blog? For my advertisement I used the words, best blog, since in my opinion it is the best blog ever, people reading can decide afterwards if they agree. The words I also used were:

  • Blog on interesting topics,
  • Diverse topics,
  • Master of the universe, since that is my name on the blog
  • English blogs,
  • Interesting topics
  • Think different etc.

For more exposure I chose all networks and devices, in this case that people are able to find my blog when they use phones, tablets and pc’s. By choosing full exposure and as many clicks as possible, costs can rise quickly. When you have a fixed budget it could also be possible that your advertisement is less effective, in a way that people might not find you.

Google adwords is a quick and easy way to start your advertisement. Make sure though that you actually need it, if you have a limited budget a different way to advertise may be a better choice.